Impact First wants to make social and impact-driven entrepreneurship knowable and approachable to wealthy individuals and foundations. We achieve this through:

Impact First Investment Fund

Investors in the Impact First Investment Fund are wealthy individuals and foundations. The fund’s primary goal is to generate social returns. In addition to that, it also strives to achieve sustainable financial returns. The fund invests in social enterprises and innovative businesses and start-ups with a social mission and a proven sustainable business model.

Personal advice and service

Impact First assists and advises private individuals and foundations on how to invest their wealth for social benefit. Investing is a complex and delicate process. It requires a personal and discreet approach. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal introductory talk.

Impact First meetings

Impact First regularly organizes meetings that focus on using sustainable business models to achieve positive social impact. Meet innovative entrepreneurs and impact investment specialists. Our inspiring speakers and interesting activities keep you informed and offer you the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with peers. Inspiring and fun.


  • Social return on investment. Your investment will yield demonstrable social returns: your investment is vital to achieve real positive change!
  • Personal advise & service, extensive and tailored reporting and a high degree of commitment by the businesses that we invest in.
  • Remaining well informed, commitment, inspiring interaction with young and experienced entrepreneurs alike and their innovative ideas. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other investors and Impact First specialists.
  • Capital preservation and modest financial returns (as always with trading and investing, there are risks involved).