From finance first to Impact First
Investing and entrepreneurship for a better world

Real change. That’s what the world needs. Change that comes from the heart of society. From businesses driven by the desire to make a positive social impact. Businesses that view major social issues as a challenge and not a problem, and promote innovation, progress and change. Now and in the future.

Impact First believes in the power of social enterprises. With money as the means, impact as the goal and profit as the result. Contrary to the trend, social enterprises create jobs and growth, and they are of great value to human beings, the planet and the economy. It’s a win-win situation!


Impact First supports impact-driven entrepreneurs and social enterprises through financing, advice and services. This support enables them to focus fully on achieving their social mission, the core of their business.

In addition, Impact First advises and assists wealthy individuals in their effort to generate positive change by connecting them with social enterprises and impact investing.

“Social Enterprises are a very powerful agenda for change. To deliver better outcomes for the common good. To show that it is possible to do things more responsibly and more fairly, whilst still being a success on the market.”

Jose Manuel Barroso - former President of the European Commission -